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The Standard Of Excellence in Brass Since 1918

Bach employee working on a trumpet.

A Century of Defining Sound and Performance

Born in New York, Bach brass has defined trumpet, trombone, and mouthpiece sound for 100 years. Setting the standard in sound and performance, it's the choice for students, amateurs, and professionals alike.

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Vicent Bach. The Legend.

Bach's vision was to craft superior tools for artists. Merging brass techniques from Germany, France, and Austria, he crafted a uniquely American design, greater than the sum of its parts. Leveraging his engineering prowess, Bach pioneered the modern trumpet as we know it today.

Bach's old manufacturing location in New York.

Innovating in America's Heartland

With over 50 years in Elkhart, Indiana, Bach brass remains committed to Vincent Bach's mission. We continually refine and expand, unlocking richer expression for our artists and students.

Vincent Bach. Top Brass.

Vincent Bach revolutionized the brass world with his virtuosity, engineering prowess, and craftsmanship. From his first mouthpiece in 1918, Bach's innovative designs have set the standard, shaping music from Casablanca to Star Wars and beyond. Bach Brass remains the preferred choice of performers, conductors, and composers worldwide, defining the sonic landscape of the 21st century.

Bach Brass

19037 Bach Professional Trumpet

Bach Trumpets

A deep heritage of historical design and innovation, Bach Trumpets continue to be the leading instruments used by players to this day.

184 ML

Bach Cornets

The Bach Cornet offers a warm rich tone with great flexibility providing soloists or ensemble performers a great choice for any setting.

42 Bach

Bach Trombones

A sound unrivaled in modern times, Bach Trombones continue to offer a great sound and reliable performance.

Bach Mouthpieces

Bach Mouthpieces

Since 1918 Bach Mouthpieces remain the standard in the industry and continue to support all musicians at all levels.

Our Hands tell

a tale only the music

can convey.

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