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Bach trombone bells being made.

Bach Trombones

An Instrument for Every Player

Bach trombones have a history of being played on the most famous stages in the world. The Bach sound remains highly sought after and continues to remain a standard for all players to enjoy


Side view of the 42BO Bach trombone

36 Series

This modern take on the classic Bach is an excellent tool for both home or on the stage. Fit for a modern trombone player of any style.

42 Series

Historical design, ageless sound. Many options for any discerning player.

50 Series

THE bass trombone for all who aspire for a deep rich sound to round out the trombone section.


BTB301 Bach Student Trombone

200 Series

This student trombone gives beginning players the opportunity to succeed right from the beginning.

300 Series

Great option for the beginner that offers some enhanced features to help with both durability and playability.

400 Series

Well-designed and durable instruments that are perfect for those seeking the characteristics of professional level instruments.


Bach mouthpieces and accessories offer players the highest level of equipment to both play your instrument at a high level and maintain its performance throughout the year.