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Bach Trumpets Lined Up

Bach Trumpets

An Instrument for Every Player

In 1918 Vincent Bach established the Bach Trumpet as the premier trumpet made in the world. This tradition of excellence and innovation continues with the same care and craftsmanship today.


19037 Bach Professional Trumpet

170 Series

This modern take on the classic Bach is an agile tool equally at home or on the stage. Fit for a modern trumpet player of any style.

180 Series

The benchmark by which all pro trumpets are measured.

190 Series

The flagship and culmination of 100 years of Bach trumpet history. The 190 series represents the best custom models for every player and every performance.


BTR411 Bach Intermediate Trumpet

200 Series

A great start for any beginner gives them a path to success through ease of playability.

300 Series

Added features make this student trumpet a solid performer for your beginner.

400 Series

The Bach premium student trumpet gives students an option to level up at the beginning of their journey.


Bach mouthpieces and accessories offer players the highest level of equipment to both play your instrument at a high level and maintain its performance throughout the year.