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Yanagisawa Baritone Saxophone in Eb BWO30



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The Yanagisawa baritone saxophones have long been known for their consistent and full voice. While the newest models inherit the WO Series sound concept, they are in many ways the culmination of a new design from the ground up, with a revised tonehole layout that delivers a scale of unparalleled stability. The new WO baritone series is the perfect blend of power and sensitivity.


  • The Elite models use a new neck design for improved playability and stability
  • They are capable of producing a tone with more body, projection, and coloring and just the right touch of resistance


  • Key: Eb
  • Range: Low A to High F#
  • Neck: Sterling Silver
  • Body: Sterling Silver
  • Bow: Bronze, silver-plated
  • Bell: Bronze, silver-plated, hand-engraved

Product Attributes