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Selmer Paris Supreme Tenor Saxophone in Bb 94



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The tenor Supreme achieves the feat of surpassing the flexibility and lightness of vintage Selmer models while incorporating the control and tonal exactness found in modern ones. It is both powerful and capable of infinite refinement. It allows for impressive power or expressive lyricism. Its dynamic possibilities go from a barely audible whisper to a wailing scream.

The tenor Supreme defies the natural inertia inherent to the tenor, offering a real sensation of lightness from the moment it enters the musicians’ hands, thanks to a redistribution of its overall balance and its compact ergonomics. This freeness manifests itself, above all, in the immense flexibility and suppleness of sound, previously unattainable in a tenor, which has been achieved with the new bore.

This new identity for the tenor Supreme is complemented by a creative, bold and innovative aesthetic that can be found in every detail of the instrument. The refinement and care taken in its fabrication offer unparalleled pleasure and ease of play, making it a source of inspiration for rediscovering the tenor.

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