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Selmer Paris Signature Soprano Clarinet in A A16SIGEV Evolution



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For those artists wanting a rich, covered sound that will still carry any hall, Selmer Paris presents Signature. 

The Signature clarinet from Selmer Paris represents a very different sound of clarinet compared to other models on the market.  The Selmer Signature is lush and dark but has the positive resistance and  the projection needed for large ensemble playing. 

The Signature clarinet  utilizes raised up tone holes, which helps provide a more focused tone while maintaining a very precise responding instrument. Professionals worldwide praise the Signature clarinet for its depth of sound and uniformly dark, clear tone quality in all ranges and dynamics.

With the Selmer Signature, you concentrate on making music instead of the instrument.


Grenadilla Wood Body: Has been naturally treated, varnished, and treated with water repellent ensuring excellent performance under all conditions for years and years
Evolution Bore Treatment:  This innovation combines a new generation resin into the wood, allowing better stability and longevity of the instrument, all while preserving the acoustic qualities of a wooden clarinet.
Great Stability: The bore does not move or change and the reliability of the fit of the barrel onto the upper joint is improved
Better Thermal Conductivity: The instrument heats up and gets to pitch more quickly
Smooth Response: Amazing legato in all registers"


Level Artist
Key A
Pitch 440-442hz
Body Material Aged Grenadilla Wood
Barrels 2
Key System Boehm
Key Material Nickel Silver
Plating Silver
Tone Holes Undercut
Thumb Rest Adjustable / Strap Ring
Spring Type Blued Steel
Pads White Leather
Mouthpiece Selmer Focus
Case Selmer PrisME

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