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Selmer Paris Privilege Soprano Clarinet in A A16PR2EV Evolution



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Rich, robust and extremely well balanced top to bottom, Selmer presents Privilege. 

The Selmer Paris Privilège clarinets are exceptionally consistent in tuning, blending easily with other instruments in all acoustic settings including symphony, opera, large ensemble, chamber and in the studio. The perfectly balanced throat tone area (E, F, F#, G) really shines, making the Selmer Privilège extremely consistent over the entire range of the instrument. Additionally, most notes do not require corrective fingerings to be tuned, and extra correction keys are not necessary for notes in the low register (E and F).

The Privilege by Selmer clarinets are one of the most unique playing clarinets on the market, using a slightly larger bore while still maintaining a very rich and full tone. This mixture gives the clarinetist the best of both worlds.


Grenadilla Wood Body: Has been naturally treated, varnished, and treated with water repellent ensuring excellent performance under all conditions for years and years
Evolution Bore Treatment:  This innovation combines a new generation resin into the wood, allowing better stability and longevity of the instrument, all while preserving the acoustic qualities of a wooden clarinet.
Specially Designed Key Work: Smooth action, quick response with ergo friendly placement
Unrivaled Scale: Easy tuning and voicing"


KeyB-flat (B♭)
Body MaterialAged Grenadilla Wood
Barrels2 - 66.5mm / 65.5mm
Key SystemBoehm
Key MaterialNickel Silver
Tone HolesUndercut
Thumb RestAdjustable / Strap Ring
Spring MaterialBlued Steel
PadsWhite Leather
MouthpieceSelmer Focus
CaseSelmer PrisME