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Selmer Paris Muse Soprano Clarinet in A A16MUSE



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Get inspired by Muse clarinets!

Designed to become a natural extension of your breath, the Selmer Paris Muse B-flat clarinet are for musicians looking for instruments with a precise and direct sound. Characterized by ease of play, they offer an immediate vibration, as well as a woody, luminous and resonant tone

Their ergonomic comfort and the design of the key work allow a very quick adaptation to the instrument.

The Selmer Muse clarinet's tuning has also been optimized and is well calibrated with precise intervals. It benefits from a great consistency in all registers and in the passage between registers.

The EVOLUTION★ system is integrated into the Selmer Muse clarinet. This innovation, based on an internal lining process with a new generation resin, brings better stability and longevity to the instrument, while preserving the acoustic qualities of a traditional wooden clarinet.


  • Grenadilla Wood Body: Premium, unstained wood
  • Evolution Bore Treatment:  This innovation combines a new generation resin into the wood, allowing better stability and longevity of the instrument, all while preserving the acoustic qualities of a wooden clarinet.
  • Great Stability: The bore does not move or change and the reliability of the fit of the barrel onto the upper joint is improved
  • Better Thermal Conductivity: The instrument heats up and gets to pitch more quickly
  • Smooth Response: Amazing legato in all registers


Body MaterialAged Grenadilla Wood
Key SystemBoehm
Key MaterialNickel Silver
Tone HolesUndercut
Thumb RestAdjustable / Strap Ring
Spring MaterialBlued Steel
PadsWhite Leather
MouthpieceSelmer Echo
CaseSelmer PrisME