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Selmer Oboe in C 122



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With its modified conservatory key system and beautiful wood body, the US Made Selmer 1222 advanced oboe has everything that the scholastic player needs to perform at a high level.

The body of the Selmer 1222 oboe is crafted from perfectly seasoned and unstained grenadilla wood that has been CNC cut and hand finished.  The sound is pure, easily centered and plays with a solid scale.  

The key work of the Selmer 122 is cast from sturdy nickel silver and then hand cut to ensure ideal fit and smooth action.  

Special keys include: low Bb / forked F resonance / A-Bb and C-D trills.

Complete with French case with cover.


Premium Grenadilla Wood: Masterfully seasoned, Selmer  wood is unstained and undergoes our special treatment that ensures stability and excellent performance time after time. 
Modified Conservatory Key Work:  Adds more of the needed trill and auxiliary keys for advanced performance.  


Level Advanced
Key C
Pitch 440-442hz
Body Material Grenadilla
Key System Modified Conservatory
Trill Keys A-B♭ / C-D
Aux Keys F Resonance 
Key Material Nickel Silver
Plating Silver
Tone Holes Undercut
Thumb Rest Adjustable
Spring Type Blued Steel
Pads Cork / Bladder
Accessories Swab

French Style  w/ Cover

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