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Leblanc Vito Soprano Clarinet in Bb LCL301


Student Premium

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Defining THE standard for student clarinets since 1951, the Leblanc Vito B-flat student clarinet remains a staple of American music education. 

Though the Vito student clarinet line has received many upgrades over the past 70-plus years, it remains true to its primary mission: provide young clarinetists the best possible tools for success at a price most families can afford. 

The new Leblanc Vito (LCL301) is designed from the ground up for the student clarinets. With its extra strong, power-forged keys, robust synthetic body and heavy-duty case, the Vito clarinet can handle just about anything your student can dish out.  The specially designed key-work is designed specifically for smaller hands and is streamlined to remove any unneeded weight.  The sound of the LCL301 is very even bottom to top and, most importantly, it plays extremely well in tune with itself. 

This ideal clarinet paired with the included Premium Leblanc accessories package make the Leblanc Vito LCL301 student B-flat clarinet the strongest foundation for your young musician's growth. 


  • Classic Leblanc Reso-Tone™ Body: Rich, wood-like sound with all the benefits of a dense, durable synthetic resin.  
  • Classic Vito Key-Work: Designed specifically for smaller hands, the Vito key-work is easy to reach and highly fluid.  
  • Power Forged Key-Work: Rigid and extremely durable
  • P.R.A.G.: The patented Vito Positive Radial Alignment Guide makes assembly of the clarinet easy and perfectly aligned every time
  • Low E Reinforcement Bar: Bolsters the strength of the longest key keeping your Vito clarinet in perfect adjustment
  • Inline Trill Keys: Another Leblanc first, the inline "jump" trill keys provide quick response and keep the tone holes above the water line.  
  • Valentino Pads: The industry standard for consistency and dependability


Level Premium Student
Key B-flat (B♭)
Pitch 440-442hz
Body Material Reso-Tone™
Barrels 1 - 66mm
Key System Boehm
Key Material Nickel Silver
Plating Nickel
Tone Holes Undercut
Thumb Rest Fixed / Strap Ring
Spring Type Stainless Steel
Pads Valentino Pro
Mouthpiece Leblanc 2V
Case Leblanc ABS - Stackable


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