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Leblanc Spirito Oboe LOB311


Student Premium

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Rooted in more than 70 years of student woodwind excellence, Leblanc is proud to introduce the LOB311S Spirito Premier Student Oboe.  

The new Leblanc Spirito oboe is designed from the ground up for the student oboist. We started the Spirito oboe with our classic Reso-Tone™ body material. This special resin formula offers a rich, wood-like sound while proving both durable and climate resistant. The Modified Conservatory key system precisely engineered, power-forged for extra strength and features several special keys that will open a wide array of options to the developing oboist.  

Paired with an elegant, pochette style case, the new Leblanc Spirito student oboe is poised to provide your young musician with a strong first step into the world of music.   


  • Classic Leblanc Reso-Tone™ Body: Rich wood-like sound with all of the benefits of a durable, plastic resin
  • Modified Conservatory Key Work: With the addition of a low Bb and left hand F, the Spirito key system offers a full scale to the novice player. 
  • Power Forged Key Work: Extremely durable
  • Cork and Bladder Pads: 
    • Bladder on Low B♭ and B
    • Cork from C upward


Level Advanced
Key C
Pitch 440-442hz
Body Material Reso-Tone™
Key System Modified Conservatory
Trill Keys A♭-B♭ / G#-A / L eft C-D
Aux Keys F-B♭ Res / 3rd 8va / Alt C / B-C#  
Key Material Nickel Silver
Plating Silver
Tone Holes Undercut
Thumb Rest Adjustable
Spring Type Blued Steel
Pads Cork / Bladder
Accessories Reed Case / Swab

Pochette w/ Cover

Product Attributes