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Leblanc Serenade Soprano Clarinet in Bb LCL511



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Redefining what an advanced clarinet is and should be, the Leblanc Serenade B-flat clarinet offers a LOOK, TONE and FEEL that is unmatched by other clarinets in its class!

The LOOK of the Leblanc LCL511S Serenade features our rich, unstained grenadilla wood that has undergone our unique industry leading, multistage ageing and machining process.  The Leblanc Serenade clarinet looks fantastic but, more importantly, it is extremely stable and machined to exceed our stringent expectations. 

The TONE of the Serenade clarinet is pure Leblanc. It is the perfect blend of focus and cover matched with impeccable intonation.  

The pro-style key work of the Leblanc Serenade offers an artist level FEEL to the instrument.  The keys are elegant, smooth, precise and perfectly placed.


Premium Grenadilla Wood: Unstained and masterfully seasoned, Leblanc wood offers not only and amazing sound but our testing has shown it to be the most stable wood in the industry.
Classic Leblanc Key Work: Leblanc keys are elegantly designed to remove unnecessary weight and offer smooth action.  Due to their power forged manufacturing, they are also extremely strong. 
Proprietary Black Valentino Pads:  A special Leblanc design that ensures optimal seal and amazing projection. 
Two Barrels: The two barrel lengths of the Serenade (66mm - 64mm) offer more tuning options
Low ‘E’ Reinforcement Bar: Bolsters the strength of the longest key helping to keep the Serenade clarinet in perfect adjustment.


Level Advanced
Key B-flat (B♭)
Pitch 440-442hz
Body Material Seasoned Grenadilla
Barrels 2 - 66mm / 64mm
Key System Boehm
Key Material Nickel Silver
Plating Silver
Tone Holes Undercut
Thumb Rest Adjustable / Strap RIng
Spring Type Blued Steel
Pads Leblanc / Valentino Black
Mouthpiece Leblanc Hard Rubber
Case Lightweight Brief


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