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Leblanc Dynamique Oboe LOB711



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The Leblanc Dynamique Oboe has everything needed for the serious performer: rich sound, flawless intonation and elegant key work. 
The foundation of the Leblanc LOB711 Dynamique oboe is its commanding sound. The Dynamique features a pure Leblanc tone that is centered and consistent in all registers but remain flexible and colorful.  This purity and flexibility allow the Dynamique to easily find a home across the spectrum of performance opportunities whether they be orchestral, chamber, or solo. 
The fully automatic key system of the Leblanc Dynamique provides the full compliment of auxiliary and trill fingering options needed to tackle the literature of any genre or style.


  • Premium Grenadilla Wood: Masterfully seasoned, Leblanc wood offers not only and amazing sound but our testing has shown it to be incredibly stable.
  • Full Conservatory Key Work:  Adds the full compliment of needed trill and auxiliary keys.  
  • Power Forged Key Work: Extremely durable
  • Cork and Bladder Pads: 
    • Bladder on Low B♭ and B
    • Cork from C upward


Level Advanced
Key C
Pitch 440-442hz
Body Material Grenadilla
Key System Full Conservatory
Trill Keys A♭-B♭ / G#-A / D#-E / L eft C-D
Aux Keys F-B♭Res / 3rd 8va / Alt C / Split D / B-C#  
Key Material Nickel Silver
Plating Silver
Tone Holes Undercut
Thumb Rest Adjustable
Spring Type Blued Steel
Pads Cork / Bladder
Accessories Reed Case / Swab

Pouchette w/ Cover

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