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King Ultimate Marching French Horn Outfit with 2 Mouthpieces KMH611



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The King “Ultimate” KMH611 marching horn is an innovative marching horn/mellophone hybrid designed specifically for French horn players.  Built in F-alto instead of B-flat alto like traditional marching horns, the KMH611 marries the superior projection and response of the traditional trumpet-shank mellophone with the resistance and smaller venturi of a French-horn shank receiver.  These, as well as the angled mouthpipe, makes the KMH611 more comfortable for French horn players on the marching field as well as easing the transition back to concert horns.

Developing the KMH611 necessitated the design of an all-new marching horn mouthpiece acoustically matched to the shorter F-alto horn.  The MCH marching horn mouthpiece has a MC French horn rim and the 5CH has a 5C trumpet rim, allowing both horn players and trumpet players to have the comfort of a familiar rim.  Both mouthpieces have an optimized backbore and unique double-cup design.


  • Clear lacquer finish
  • Quick-responding nickel silver mouthpipe
  • Angled mouthpipe familiar to French horn players
  • Redesigned bell increases projection and power
  • First slide thumb saddle and third slide finger ring for precise tuning adjustment
  • Stackable heavy-duty marching case
  • French horn-shank mouthpiece reciever
  • Comes with both horn- and trumpet-rim marching horn mouthpieces


  • 10" bell
  • .466" bore
  • First valve saddle and third slide ring
  • King 5CH and MCH mouthpieces
  • 7722C ABS case

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