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Jazz Flow Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece


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The latest release from the mouthpiece experts at Selmer, the NEW Jazz Flow mouthpieces for alto saxophone are designed with a nod to the coveted vintage New York mouthpieces but built for a whole new generation of jazz musicians. 

The unique chamber design of the Jazz Flow alto saxophone mouthpiece offers a depth and focus of sound not found in any mouthpiece from any era while the intonation is completely dialed in. 

Players of all genres will appreciate the flexibility and projection of the Selmer Jazz Flow.  It easily produces the cover needed for acoustic club playing or the burn needed to front a fusion or pop ensemble.  

Available in two facings: 5 and 7.  



Premium Rod Ebonite: Pure, warm sound with excellent projection.

Special Baffle Shape: Offers more depth of sound by a greater projection of the fundamental frequencies.  

Moderate Tip Opening: The .075" tip offers fantastic control and ease of play.  Ideal for straight ahead or section playing.  


Material Ebonite (Hard Rubber)
Chamber Elliptical
Baffle Medium 
Tip Opening .075" / 1.91mm
Facing Medium 


Product Attributes