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Conn Double Horn in F/Bb CHR512



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The intermediate CHR512 Kruspe-wrap double horn combines the feel and response of the iconic Conn 8D with features well-suited for the intermediate player.  Built with the Eastlake, OH-made leadpipe from Conn’s flagship 8D French horn, the CHR512 has an open feel and compact sound requiring less effort from the musician.


Additional features from Conn’s professional lineup include the mouthpipe water key, adjustable finger hook, and reversible change rotor.  These make performance more comfortable and customizable, setting up the intermediate musician for success.  To protect the CHR512 from the rigors of daily transport, the instrument ships in a durable ABS case with easily replaceable handle and feet. 


Each CHR512 is inspected and set up by Conn Selmer technicians in Elkhart, Indiana, and is held to the same exacting standards as Conn’s professional instruments.  


•    Eastlake, OH-made leadpipe from the Conn 8D professional double horn
•    Small bell throat for good projection and pitch control
•    Adjustable thumb lever and finger hook
•    Reversible change rotor
•    Kruspe wrap


•    12 1/8” bell
•    Corrosion-resistant nickel silver mouthpipe
•    Yellow brass branches and bell
•    Nickel silver outside slide tubes
•    Small bell throat
•    12.1mm/.476” bore
•    Reversible fourth rotor (F/B-flat to B-flat/F)
•    Mouthpipe water key
•    String 1, 2, 3 linkage and mechanical change valve linkage
•    Adjustable finger hook
•    ABS case

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