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Bach Stradivarius Trumpet in C C180SL229PC



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Inspired by the demand and popularity of the new Chicago C trumpet, and with understanding the diverse needs of today's orchestral players, we proudly bring you the new C180SL229PC "Philly" C trumpet. The "Philly" C combines the unique design elements of the C180SL229CC but with a standard weight bell to give player the same ease response but with a broader sound.


  • The Bach C180 series trumpets are the number one-selling professional orchestral trumpets in the world.
  • The C180SL229PC "Philly" C Trumpet features a .462" large bore, a special 25C mouthpipe based on Vincent Bach's original design, and a standard weight #229 one-piece hand-hammered professional bell with a classic French bead flat rim providing a quick response with outstanding projection and broader tone.
  • The 1st valve thumb ring allows for easier tuning adjustment.
  • Narrower bell to valve casing and valve casing to mouthpipe braces improve resonance.
  • The silver plate finish provides a controlled brilliance to the overall sound.
  • The Philly C trumpet is the perfect choice when you need a quick response with a big broad sound.


  • .462" large bore
  • Standard weight one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass #229 bell with classic French bead flat rim with soldered bell wire
  • Special #25CC leadpipe based on 1947 design
  • Wide foot bell to leadpipe braces
  • Narrower braces at bell to valve casing and valve casing to leadpipe
  • Thumb ring on first valve
  • Narrow tuning slide....1947 design
  • Single brace on tuning slide
  • Bead rings on all slides
  • Hexagon-shaped pull knobs
  • 1st slide thumb ring
  • 3rd slide pin stop
  • Silver-plate finish
  • Bach 7C mouthpiece
  • C180C wood shell case

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