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Bach Artisan Tenor Trombone in Bb A42XN with X Wrap



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The A42XN combines the great features from the A47X with the option of a 42 bell flare and nickel handslide crook, which provides a quicker response to articulations and touch of brilliance to the sound. The 42 bell stands out differently in the rate of taper compared to the 47 bell. The 42 taper is more gradual, offering a little more breadth or width of sound. The valve section features a design that was developed through extensive research to achieve a balanced resistance and improved air flow throughout the valve section. This result led to the X wrap design, creating a truly even feel in and out of the valve range that extends throughout the most expansive registers. Performers demand an instrument that can be pushed to the limits, the A42XN delivers that and so much more.


  • New features also include the standard Artisan rotor with a shorter throw and improved transition between notes.
  • Comfort is greatly improved with the elegant and ergonomic design of a contoured rosewood thumb rest.
  • The .547” bore Artisan handslide features a brass cross brace on the inner slide and contoured water key, with a newly designed threaded leadpipe receiver.
  • This model includes three interchangeable brass leadpipes to allow players more options to fit their individual needs.


  • Modular design
  • .547" large bore handslide with Nickel Crook
  • 8½" one-piece hand-hammered detachable yellow brass 42 bell
  • Soldered bell bead with flat wire
  • Reverse construction yellow brass main tuning slide
  • Newly designed Artisan X Wrap valve section
  • Standard Artisan Rotor with improved action and shorter throw
  • New contoured wooden thumb paddle
  • Handslide features yellow brass outer tubes and nickel crook, with threaded leadpipes
  • Comes with three interchangeable brass leadpipes: 47, 42, 42O (open)
  • Clear lacquer finish
  • Deluxe engraving
  • Also available with various bell options, handslide bores and materials, main tuning slide crooks

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