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Josiel Konrad

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Josiel Konrad is a trombonist, composer, and singer, he studied music at the Metropolitan University of Santos. Born in Baixada Fluminense , Rio de Janeiro 1986. He started his solo career in 2015 and already has a huge catalogue of authorial works “Timeline”, “+ Amor” and is recording his third authorial album entitled “Boca no Trombone”(in English is Blow the Whistle). It will be released in 2023. In the course of his short career so far, Konrad has made many national and international performances: Jazz a La Calle (Uruguay), Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club (London), Jazz no Castelo ( Bahia), Circo Voador, Rio Scenarium, Bar Semente, e Beco das Garrafas, e LX Factory (Portugal), TribOZ, Valadares Jazz Festival, Mauá Blues. Like Milton Nascimento said : “...every artist has to go where the people are..” Konrad knew how to find the perfect way to touch people's minds and reach out to their hearts. Who can resist ? for example, the charms of these songs “Ô Mulher” and “Gafieira Jazz ”.