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Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz


By his late teens, Jon already had a good feel for working with other musicians in a variety of situations and musical styles. 1975-76 were quiet drumming-wise, and Jon attended a local college, left home, and landed in retail management for about a year until he joined his first top-40 band in 1977. Jon was beginning to live his dream and make a living playing drums. The band had a steady 6-night a week gig and worked together for over a year, and Jon started to pursue other groups and session work.

In 1996 Jon left Westwood One, and his fascination with the Internet since 1993 soon led to another pursuit: designing web sites. He'd already developed a site for Weird Al in 1995, and within a few years, business license in hand, Jon sought additional clients, and continues to keep busy on the computer both at home and on the road.